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Warhammer 40K Season 2 Starts this Saturday!

Warhammer 40K Season 2 Starts this Saturday!

We've been playing Warhammer 40K at the Toy Soldier for decades. My experience with the 40K Universe started the first day I stepped inside the Toy Soldier in 1997. I was looking for Middle Earth CCG cards when I entered, but by the time I left, the shop owner Duncan had run me through a demo game of Epic 40,000. I was intrigued and left the store with White Dwarf #208 in my hands. The rest is history!

Warhammer 40K is now in it's 9th Edition and it's the miniature game we see played the most in the shop these last 2 years. In June we ran our first league for the new Edition and it was a blast. We used the Crusade League rules that Games Workshop provides in their core rulebook along with the excellent scenarios provided in their themed Crusade Mission Packs. We ran the League over 10 weeks, slowly growing our armies in preparation for the Final Battle in week 10. 

40K Crusade League 2021 Season 1 (June 26th-August 14th)
The mix of the armies was wildly tilted towards the Imperium (which seems natural since most of the new content for 9th Edition at the time was Imperium related). Here's the breakdown:

21 Different Armies
76% Imperium
19% Chaos
5% Xenos

Win percentage for each of the factions was fairly even but the standout participants were Todd with his 12-0 Sisters of Battle and Kenny's Deathguard 11-2 performance. Todd led the forces of the Imperium against Kenny's Coalition of Chaos in the Final Battle. It was a hotly contested battle, but that's a story for another day!

40K Crusade League 2021 Season 2 starts this Saturday November 27th. We have a much more diverse list of armies so far (and both Todd AND Kenny are playing new armies!) Sign up in the shop, over the phone (978-388-2512), on Facebook, or email us at 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and see you soon!

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